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Keeping ya'll in the loop

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a really long time because most of you are over on facebook, and I have been posting most of my sewing stuff on my blogger. I thought that I would post the links to my blog over here in case anyone still reads this.



Writer's Block: Pet talk

If your pet could talk, what is the first thing s/he would say to you?

Gypsy: "What did I do to deserve this living hell? The cat was fun for awhile, and the baby can't walk, but the toddler!?! He keeps chasing me everywhere! Well at least he can open the door for me. And he likes to throw me food. . . "

Elephaba: "Pet me. Pet me! The computer is not important! Pet me, now!!!"

Hunter Joins the Family

So a week ago I was at the hospital for my birth class' tour. We finished the tour with the usual blood pressure check, listen to the baby's heartbeat, and chat with the midwife Patricia. My blood pressure was too high, so she had me go to the prenatal clinic and get rechecked with the proper size cuff. It was still high. Chris, the Midwife on call at the hospital that day, had me go get some blood work done, stuck me on a fetal monitor for 30 minutes, ordered yet another ultrasound (est weight 8lbs 15 oz). Once all that had been done she told me to go home and get ready to come back for a c-section that night. I needless to say was a great big sobbing mess by the time I got to the car. I sat in the van trying to calm down before driving home, and had a beautiful sign from the Gods. As I looked out hundreds of crows flew into the Coburg hills. I watched for five minutes and still more were coming. I took this as the pat on the head that all is happening as it should, and that I should go home and be with my husband.
When I got home we waited for the call. I lucked out, Chris said my blood work came back clear of whatever they were looking for, and I could stay home and rest all weekend. We had hoped that the resting would bring my blood pressure back down. I got checked again on Monday, and it was still high. I was sent home to wait for yet another call. The news was that I would go to the hospital the next morning, and we would see if they could induce, if not we'd be having a c-section. his time I was told not to eat after midnight, a pretty sure sign that one way or another I'd be having the baby that morning.
We packed our bags, and sent Mr. Finn to Grandma's at 6:00 Tuesday morning. Once we got checked in and I got checked out it was decided that I was not going to be induced, and at 11:00 we would be going in for surgery. Once again I felt that all was happening according to the bigger plan and as much as I did not want to go through another c-section I wanted my son born healthy. tadhg92  was once again enthralled with watching the Dr.'s perform the surgery. At one point I had to ask him to stop giving me the play by play. I was delighted when I heard Hunter scream at the Dr.'s for taking him out of his comfy womb. And yes he got his father's vocal cords. He weighed in at 9lbs 6ozs and this was a week before his due date!
We spent the next two days in the hospital, I was doing well enough that they said I could leave a day early. I had been missing Finn something awful and couldn't wait to get back home. Now we have had a chance to settle in, and get Finn used to being a big brother. He is doing such a good job, being gentle to baby brother and not climbing all over mommy. Hunter is thriving, he eats like a horse, and sleeps like an angel. Healing could be faster, but I am taking it easy and not over stressing my body. It's difficult to have to tell Finn I can't pick him up, or not be able to drive my car. Oh well, I'd rather not cause myself further injury by thinking I can do it.

Anyway I'd better go wake Hunter so he can eat some more. Here are a few pictures of my boys.

Did you miss me

Where to begin? It’s been months since I‘ve updated so I’ll see if I can break it down.

Cut 'cause it got long :PCollapse )

Nov. 4th, 2009

So life has been busy, and we are settled in the new house. I've got a table and a dining room, and a bathtub. The cat is a bit pissed because I don't like her going outside since we live on a busy street now. The dog has adjusted just fine to the smaller yard. Griffin loves running through the house. A lot. Loudly. For the first time in years we are able to sit down and have a family dinner together. It's been a joy to finally have space to put everything out. No one is tripping over anyone else, well there are ton's of toys everywhere, but that's a given with a toddler.Pictures ahoyCollapse )

We had a great Halloween, and hope everyone had a great time as well!

A close call

So I found out from my mother last night that a fire came within 30 yards of my brother's house. And since it was my brother of course he posted it on youtube.


It's making the rounds again

The problem with Livejournal is that we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. Hence, I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you


Feeling run over.

Last week sucked rocks through a straw. I had a toothache start Tuesday or Wednesday, by Friday it was near constant pain only relieved by holding in a mouth full of water. Blessed sleep was my only relief. Then there was the joy of not being able to keep any food in my stomach. Sunday I finally called the On Call Midwife, and met her at the Hospital for a perscription to help with the pain. It didn't help. Sunday was the icing on the cake I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep at all.
Luckily I had a Dr's appointment first thing Monday morning and was able to let the Midwife (different one) know that I hadn't eaten in two days. She was unconcerned, but very sympathetic. We heard the baby's heart beat, so I wasn't freaking out about that. I stopped by the office and picked up some information about our new dental policy since I don't have a card yet. I tried to tell my boss that I wouldn't be able to work, because I needed to find a dentist that could see me today, and that I hadn't slept. . . what came out was, "I don't know if Kim told you but. . .*hysterical crying and incoherent babbling*". I ran out of there and tried to not throw up in the parking lot.
I went home and called tadhg92 's dentist, and they had me come over immediately. Of course that paperwork I picked up from the office didn't come with me. They saw me anyway and took x-rays, he then said I needed a root canal, and that this other dentist would need to see me at 12:40. Then there was more insurance dramah, that took 4 phone calls to try to straighten out. Not to mention the random bouts of hysterical crying. I finally called my mom and asked her to do the rest of my driving, because I realized that I should not be behind the wheel.
Long story short I got the root canal, I spent the rest of the day napping after a quick stop for a hamburger and a smoothie, missed council, and the buy up for the new Dental plan has already paid for itself for the next few years. Now if I could only get my stomach to forgive me, and let me feel normal again.


Post Coronation Musings

So it has been a busy summer, and I could try to write a catch up post, but I'm not that sadistic. I'll just give an update on this weekend. I left work later than I had hoped to get my errands done. I was going to leave Griffin at the babysitter's until we left town, but Mom called and really wanted to see him before we left. So I did my shopping and picked up the monkey, and dropped him off with Mom. She promised to have him back by 5 so we could get on the road. tadhg92  and I proceeded to pack the van up and we were on the road at a little after 5pm. We had a person on site already, and the other two cars in the group had left about 15 minutes before we did. We caught up to them in Salem where we met for dinner, and traveled the rest of the way together.
We got to site just in time to have Griffin leave us a present in his diaper, and it wasn't a toaster. We found missypumpkin  and our camp. We had just enough light to set up half the tents, and I had to watch Griffin while other people worked. Our tent got set up, and I was having a craptastic time getting our bed set up. We finally got it taken care of, and by this time it was well past Griffin's bed time, and he was refusing to go to sleep. We're pretty strict about getting him to bed on time at 7:30, but he didn't fall asleep till 11. I sat over with C and H and we chatted for a while. missypumpkin  joined us after awhile, and then I decided it was a trip to the biffy and bedtime. Flush toilets and honest to goodness soap!!! I think my enthusiasm speaks for itself. Anyhow I crawled into bed, and enjoyed hogging it to myself till I fell asleep.
Saturday started with breakfast of french toast, nomnomnom. I had one class I wanted to take, and that didn't start until 11:30 so we took off down to the river. It was already ungodly hot, and the river was 'effin cold. The girls and I left to go to the Open Fire Cooking class, and that was fabulous. It ran a bit long, but I had no other priorities until I had to swear fealty. I joined everyone else back at camp just in time to see Griffin up from his nap. At this time I wanted a nap, C took him down to the river and I tried to find some comfy shade. No such luck I finally drifted off as everyone came back. I spent the rest of the afternoon between court, and Griffin. I felt bad about leaving him in camp so much, but it did give him quite a bit of Auntie time.
After swearing to Cedric and Elizabeth, tadhg92  and I high tailed it to Lanie's camp where she had made us a scrummy period dinner. Dinner was fabulous and the company was delightful. After dinner we went to camp where Griffin had just gone to sleep, and promptly woke up as soon as he heard my voice. I went in and gave him cuddles, and put him back to bed. I wandered across the street to the Von Lanentals, and had a short but enjoyable visit. I went back home and hung out for a little longer, and then I went to bed.
Sunday was my second Noble Estate meeting, and tadhg92  fought in the Kingdom Defenders Championship. I didn't stay to see him fight because we both thought it would be best if I tried to break down as much as possible. He came back all happy and excited from his fights, and we pushed to get the rest of the gear packed. I went to go get the car, and found that Griffin's present from gate got left in the car all weekend, and that was a delightful odor let me tell you. Luckily I found some Fabreeze that had been bought after the Summits Coronet trip where we discovered that Babies + random foods + winding roads = bad idea. We were on the road by one, and unpacked with pizza at the door by 7. It was a great weekend! Now for laundry and house cleaning :(

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